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design2space,inc. offers a full range of services, interior design, interior styling, organizing



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Using proven interior design and project management principles, design2space,inc. offers a full range of services for residential, commercial and public spaces.


Our design philosophy is about ‘breathing life into tired or new spaces,’ ultimately helping you to create a positive and cheerful space or that sanctuary to return to at the end of a busy day.


We will work alongside you to develop a personalized, bespoke interior for your home, apartment or workspace. We can achieve this by getting the best out of your new or existing space. This can be accomplished by carefully selecting soft furnishings and decorative items, creating a new lighting design, or spatial planning with subtle (or significant) changes, we can give your flat, house or office that new lease on life - very often without the need for a renovation or drastic makeover or a huge budget.


Our Interior Design services are packaged according to your needs. Whether it is a complete renovation, styling with tastefully placed furniture pieces and accessories or just sprucing up individual spaces like kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, or offices. design2sapce, inc. will take a personal interest in understanding your lifestyle and tastes and develop vibrant ideas to put together your space.


Despite what they say, it is all about you.  Moreover, affordable too!!


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