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Finishes - Examples 3 & 4, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Interior design "Finishes Boards" for two clients (sometimes these may be called "Inspiration Boards" or "Materials/Finishes Boards" or "Samples Boards.")


They consist of samples which are basically a collage of proposed materials, fabrics, colours, images of furniture and accessories. It is one of the visual tools which helps a designer sell ideas to a client.


1.1. Material and sample board components are composed and arranged before securely fixing to the substrate.
1.2 Products, materials and accessories are selected. 
1.3 Visual information is collected and prepared as per the design theme and project brief.
1.4 Paint swatches are proportionally arranged and additional paint samples set aside.
1.5 Fabric swatches are gathered and additional fabrics samples set aside.
1.6 Fixtures are labelled and a legend compiled to translate the parts and colours.
1.7 Materials board is finalized and alternatives prepared in readiness for presentation.
1.8 Sketches and drawings are completed to compliment products, materials and accessories.

Finishes Concept 2.jpg
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