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design chat



Our hourly consultations provide answers to all of your design questions in a short amount of time. We are happy, to begin with, a consultation and then move forward with additional design services or simply get you pointed in the right direction with a consult only.


This service is perfect for: 

  • Anyone who has a design dilemma, question, or needs advice

Design Chat ideas: 

  • Need a second opinion on your bathroom layout

  • Would like guidance regarding the sofa you are about to purchase

  • Ready to make changes in your space but have no idea where to begin

  • Would like advice on fixtures and finishes for your home

  • Paint colour selections for your entire home or specific rooms

  • Your contractor does not have a designer and you would like assistance with your project (i.e. guidance with the layout, selections, paint colours, etc)


Design Consultation

  • Either an in-person or virtual consultation (with the phone/email/Skype/WhatsApp, etc.)

  • Ask anything & everything design related

Thanks! Message received we will connect with you within 24 hours. Cheers

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