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interior styling



At design2space, inc. our interior decor service provides unique styling solutions for your space. This includes but is not limited to paint consultations, full re-design and everything in between. design2space, inc. will create a tasteful and beautiful space that reflects your individual tastes and decor needs. We provide a decor "roadmap" for our clients to implement the styling themselves!


This service is perfect for: 

  • Homeowners or Renters who are looking to revitalize their space, rooms such as the dining room, living room, bedroom, master bathroom,  nursery, or other rooms inside and outside their home.

  • Small Businesses who are looking to refresh their lobby, meeting rooms, offices, hallways, or storefront.

  • Owners of online vacation or home rentals, listing on websites such as Airbnb, FlipKey, HomeAway. Styling an apartment or home for rent takes a great deal of consideration - you want to get it just right so you can attract the right renter. Bring your space to life and create an eclectic look by adding colour, mixing up styles and patterns, using sizeable rugs, creative lighting, and having smart storage solutions.


Interior Styling ideas:

  • Paint colour schemes

  • Accessories

  • Furniture

  • Flooring

  • Light fixtures

  • Wall decor

  • Furniture Layouts

  • Plant suggestions



Phase 1: Initial Consultation 

  • Design interview

  • Determine project scope & design goals

  • Discuss budget


Phase 2: Design

  • Measurements & photograph your space

  • Develop design concepts & color palettes

  • Create drawings

  • Make selections

  • Design meetings & presentations

  • Your feedback & collaboration


Every Phase: Support

  • We are here to guide and support you throughout the entire process - even after your project is complete.

design2space, inc. interior styling, paint consultations, full re-design and everything in between

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