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Makeover a Room In a Day Using These Seriously-Easy Decorating Ideas

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

Here are 18 great tips to have in your back pocket, whenever you feel compelled to shake things up on the cheap.

1 - Find An Oversized Throw ~ Add a chunky knit throw to cozy-up a dull space?

Oversized Throw [image Nickel and Company]

2 - Trays ~ Use trays to organize small spaces and to keep clutter to a minimum. It's not rocketry, but it works, and it's pretty.

Tray [image House of Philia]

3 - Better Flow ~ It’s not so much about where you place your furniture as it is about the pieces you choose. In each room try to include at least one or two pieces of easily moved furniture, such as a coffee table, or armchairs. Placed closer together will create a cozy room when entertaining guests.

Better Flow [image courtesy of Great Idea Hub]

4 - Hang a Gallery Wall ~ Instead of placing your photos and artwork sporadically around the room, cluster them together. Use what you have for an eclectic, casual vibe or invest in matching frames for a modern look.

Gallery Wall [image Mansion Global]

5 - Stack Your Magazines ~ Is your magazine collection a force to be reckoned with? Use them to your advantage by stacking them high and uniform along a wall or use to as legs for a coffee table.

Stacked Magazines [image Elle Decor]

6 - Debut New Season Decor ~ Freshen your room(s), with new and carefully placed accessories and decor, each season. This is an easy way to give a room a new look without breaking the bank.

Switched Decor [image Decorista]

7 - Paint It Black ~ Black might sound scary, but it looks totally sexy in a bedroom or powder room or let's face used as an accent colour on a wall in any room. To keep it from feeling too dark, include lighter coloured textures in the room and make sure you have sufficient light.

Paint it Black [image World Divided]

8 - Rule of Three ~ We designers use this trick all the time. It's rather simple, style your decorative objects in odd-numbered groupings.

Rule of Three [image Pinterest]

9 - DIY Botanical Prints ~ Create your own botanical prints by scanning leaves - Philodendrons are perfect for this project. Then have them blown up and put into standard-size frames (frame them in a group).

DIY Botanical Prints [image malaysia.akuprice]

10 - Hang (or Lean) An Oversized Mirror ~ Give an already dynamic space high impact by adding a giant or over-sized mirror. Keep the lines clean and sleek, or opt for a cool shape or colour.

Oversized Mirror [image Francois Champsaur]

11 - Splendid Stencils ~ Use a stencil to add interest to an otherwise dull wall. Stencils can also be used to class up plain pillows, tables, and other flat surfaces.

Splendid Stencil [image StencilsLAB]

12 - Fresh Florals ~ Nothing brightens up a room like accessorizing with fresh greens or flowers.

Fresh Flowers [image courtesy of Curiositaellya]

13 - Frame Something Fun ~ Art isn't limited to works on paper or canvas. Frame colourful or funky textiles, or keys or personal mementos for a unique take on wall decor.

Frame Something Fun [image BH&G]

14 - Colour Me Beautiful ~ Create a cheery injection of colour by adding tinted window film in an array of colours and textures. It's perfect for dreary days and will allow natural light to filter through in the loveliest way.

Color Me Beautiful [image Emily Henderson]

15 - Move Furniture Away From Walls ~ Floating furniture away from the walls creates more intimate seating. All you have to do is off-set your furniture (a few inches) to totally transform the feel in the room.

Move Furniture Away from Walls [image Laurel Bern]

16 - Put A Bench At The End Of Your Bed ~ Who needs a footboard, when a bench will do just fine? It'll help anchor your bed, act as a spot to sit and put shoes on, and might provide much-needed storage.

Bench [image Dimples & Tangles]

17 - Add A Bright Accent Color ~ A colourful pillow or a patterned blanket will help make an otherwise neutral room a little less monochromatic.

Bright Colors [image Sky Iris]

18 - Accent With Wallpaper ~ You don't have to wallpaper your entire room - just pick one accent wall. It's fast, easy, and makes a huge impact.

Wallpaper [image Fabulous Fabric Co]

Please stay connected for more designer tips + tricks, resources and insider info. Happy (re)decorating! Cheers Cora


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