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The Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

While there’s still plenty of great warm weather left, let's face it, summer is nearly over and the autumn months are almost upon us!

So before the temperatures begin to plummet, it’s time to say goodbye to summer’s outdoor lifestyle and to get your house in tip-top shape for the colder Fall and Winter seasons. And what better way to celebrate the seasons than with a clean home or business??

Let me preface this post by saying that I am not a great “deep” cleaner. I can manage to keep up with daily tasks and (an almost) weekly cleaning schedule. But "larger cleans," such as the seasonal types, are about as thrilling to me as being at a university physics lecture (with me being the only non-physicist in attendance.)

All that to say is I enjoy being in a clean surrounding, but I do not enjoy taking part in creating it!

To make this type of project a little more bearable, I break the project up into tiny and more manageable tasks. I tackle those smaller tasks with quick, intense cleanings which last only a few minutes. You can do this two or three times each day. All you need is to pick a room, identify the task(s), and deal with them within a few minutes.

In the next session pick up from where you left off. If you choose a different room each day, by the end of the week you will end up with a spotless room. This way, you can actually afford the time to tackle the more substantial tasks over the weekend.

Manageable Tasks

And if you're anything like me, you'll need a list. So PM me to request a copy of the "Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist" to get your home or business prepped and ready for the weather changes that lie ahead. Our colleagues at "Executive Cleaning Home Organizing" (ECHO) have some very interesting tips to share with you as well. Fancy a read, here is the link.

Inside the Home

o Declutter and organize all kitchen cabinets (you will appreciate this when it comes time for holiday baking.)

o Wipe down face, sides and tops of cabinets

o Countertops and backsplash disinfected

o Seal and/or polish countertops

o Appliance interiors/exteriors cleaned (soak stove drip pans and knobs in the sink with baking soda and vinegar)

o Vacuum your refrigerator’s coils

o Vacuum under your fridge

o Check your dryer’s tubes for any excess lint

o Vacuum dryer vent

o Check your washing machine's drainage for blockages

o Clean under/behind washer and dryer

o If you haven’t had the carpets professionally cleaned this year, do so now!

o Vacuum and spot-clean any upholstered furniture

o Vacuum under your upholstered furniture cushions

o Polish your wood furniture

o Wash artificial plants

o Dust living plants’ leaves

o Wipe down your screens (TV, computer, etc.)

o Clean all keyboards and remote controls

o Spot clean your walls

o Wash your windows, window sills, and all the window grooves (save this task for a cloudy day, as it will be easier to spot streaks)

o Wash curtains

o Dust and/or wash vertical and horizontal blinds

o Wash Mattress Covers

o Wash bed quilts/duvets/comforters/pillows

o Refresh bedding that isn't regularly washed (comforters, pillows, etc.)

o Vacuum and flip mattresses

o Declutter and clean the attic and/or basement

o Declutter and organize all the closets

o Purge and switch out seasonal clothing.

Outside the Home

o Wash window screens

o Yard clean-up

o Porch and patio clean-up

o Spray off and/or clean any outdoor furniture

o Check and clean outdoor lights

o Check and clean gutters and downspouts

o Clean out garage

o Check the exterior paint and touch up as needed (it will make for pleasant curb appeal during the winter)

o Inspect external doors (garage doors, front doors, etc.) Re-caulk and install weather-stripping as needed

o Drain and put away the garden hoses

o In high-freeze areas, have sprinkler systems drained of all water

Seasonal Maintenance

o Condition your leather furniture

o Ceiling fans dusted and set them to turn, so air circulates upward

o Test the carbon monoxide and smoke detectors to ensure they are in good working order

o Replace your furnace filter if you haven’t already done so within the past 3 months (Buy at least 3 furnace filters for you to change monthly during the winter season)

o Have chimneys and flues inspected and cleaned if necessary

o Schedule furnace inspection

o Drain the sediment from hot water heaters

Condition your leather furniture

Before you know it, you’ll have everything in order...

Ready to get started? Or don't know where to start? Need a copy of our Ultimate Fall Cleaning Checklist to cross off as you go? Or maybe you have an additional tip? PM me, and I will address your questions or provide the checklist as soon as humanly possible. And please stay connected for more designer tips + tricks, resources and insider info.

Cheers Cora



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