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"Trulia Design Panel" Weighs In on Current Home Decor Trends

Updated: Oct 2, 2018

I'm a trendy kinda a girl so when I came across this article by Architectural Digest at the beginning of the year I saved it to "Pocket" so that I could reread it at a later time. I knew it might be a helpful read for someone - other than myself.

So what's trending? What's not? Does it matter? Read on to find out.

As editors (Architectural Digest) who've seen it all...we figured we should give you our final opinions on the matter. The Trulia Design Panel - three interior designers and a pro organizer - just announced their (2018) design predictions.

This begs the question; which trends will be in and which will go out? Some live on forever (think "Minimalism.") The problem is not whether a trend will live on for six months or indefinitely, but whether you are comfortable taking the risk to follow a trend. And let me tell you there is an endless supply of design trends. So you have to ask yourself these two simple questions? What do I like? What is MY personal interior design style? (If you're struggling to determine your decorating style "Houzz" has a fun little quiz you can complete.)

The fundamental key to designing your home or office is to allow your interior design style to shine throughout. Living or working in that space should reflect a design style that feels perfect to you, it should also create a welcoming and happy space that is enjoyable and inviting for guests and colleagues alike. The most satisfying results are realized when you experiment and challenge your creative design sense. That means knowing what you like - trends or not.

So with all that said, when it comes to design trends, to put it mildly: other designers and I can agree to disagree.

Should you say Buh-Bye...

Exposed lighting

What the Trulia Design Panel thinks: "I am a lover of all things vintage and appreciate a nod to the past, but it just became too overly saturated," interior designer Hannah Crowell of Crowell & Co. says.

D2S thinks: This trend is just too useful to do away with. Com'on no shade needed! The simplicity of their look and design lends itself to any space. Choose one with a different coloured cord or try something a little more whimsical to up the vibe.

Granite countertops

What the Trulia Design Panel thinks: "Granite is durable, I will give it that, but it lacks the beauty of marble or the sleekness of quartz," Hannah says.

D2S thinks: Let's not kid ourselves, this is an in-demand reno material. Granite is resistant, durable and made to last. Consider Caesarstone as an alternative, it's a little more innovative. But I hear ya Trulia, I'm a sucker for marble or quartz.

Bamboo flooring

What the Trulia Design Panel thinks: According to decorator Jay Britto of Britto Charette, "bamboo flooring is out, out, out." He says it's (a) not durable and (b) reportedly not as sustainable as we once thought.

D2S thinks: Not durable? Not sustainable? Who would have thunk? Looking for environmentally friendly substitutes, to suit your home or office space, check out these suggestions.

Other alternatives to bamboo include:


linoleum (marmoleum)

reclaimed wood

straw (think flax straw, seagrass, burnished straw, etc.)

tile (also consider earthen floors)

wool carpeting

and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) hardwood floors (we all know what wood looks like so images provided.)


What the Trulia Design Panel thinks: "These guys had a dormant period from around 1980 to last year, and I think they are headed back into hibernation," Hannah says.

D2S thinks: Hanging them willy-nilly and without the proper hardware, is never a great design feature. Make the installation count, choose a super-chic fabric, with a current colour scheme, and that tapestry suddenly becomes a beautiful piece of art.

DIY organizing products and projects

What the Trulia Design Panel thinks: "Repurposing items like egg cartons and toilet paper rolls make your space look junky," says pro organizer Layne Brookshire of Ms. Placed.

D2S thinks: I have to agree (somewhat) with this one. I'm all for the "Three R's of the Environment"! But DIY has its limits.

What D2S is excited about...

Pattern on Pattern

What the Trulia Design Panel thinks: "Using the same pattern for the walls, the windows, and all the accents is dangerous, but if done properly—it's perfect!" Hannah explains. Jay and his design partner David Charette are also on board: “More and more midcentury patterns will be used in textiles and porcelains in 2018."

D2S thinks: Yes, please! Mixing patterns is a great way to brighten up the decor. I say risk designing with bold prints it will be worth it!


What the Trulia Design Panel thinks: Hannah is sick of people prejudging wallpaper. "New, contemporary motifs are nothing like your grandma's wallpaper."

D2S thinks: Heck to the yes!! Adding wallpaper can raise your design concept from humdrum to fabulous.

High-gloss lacquer on walls

What the Trulia Design Panel thinks: "It is bold and sexy and makes such a statement," Hannah says.

D2S thinks: Gosh yes! I've had a tiny obsession with high-gloss finishes for a while now. But this finish is not for everyone, and I can see how you might be a little gun-shine to do entire walls. If this is the case, then start small. Think doors, consoles, and even tchotchkes, these surfaces are more manageable.


What the Trulia Design Panel thinks: According to Layne, "it may have gotten its start in a trendy way, but the concept sticks and spreads thanks to the undeniable improvement in the overall quality of life."

D2S thinks: Embrace this trend; it's been a trend for years and it's not going away any time soon!

Instagram-ready decor

What the Trulia Design Panel thinks: Jay says "upload-worthy" pieces—those that are "unexpected, beautiful, and functional"—are in for 2018.

D2S thinks: I guess they're trying to tell you not to follow trends so meticulously. Have fun, and create a space that speaks to you. And if at the end of the day it makes you happy, then you've created a successful design plan.

Strong accent carpets and rugs

What the Trulia Design Panel thinks: "We see really strong accent rugs in interesting shapes and with polychromatic colour schemes taking center stage," Jay says.

D2S thinks: I'm ready to dig my toes into some soft and cushy rugs. I would be a lot happier if they're had spectacular colours and eye-popping patterns.

Hopefully this has given you a good insight to the world of interior trends and how they can help make your home or shape your business. Got a question? Need advice? Let me know! And please stay connected for more designer tips + tricks, resources and insider info.

Cheers Cora



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